Ductile iron cast parts

Product Description

1.The casting process we can made :Precision casting,investment casting,glass water,die casting,lost foam casting,

                                                               shell making casting,sand casting ect

2.Surface treatment :powder coating, painting, spraying, galvanization ect

3.The wide range of metals we work with includes: 

     Aluminium/Steel/Aluminium Bronze/Titanium/Copper/Brass/Standard Duplex Stainless Steel/Super Duplex     Stainless Steel/Martensitic Stainless Steel/Invar (Nickel-Iron alloy) ect

4.Inspection Equipment:Profile projector, Rockwell hardness tester, Vickers hardness tester roughness tester, air gage, concentricity tester,universal microscope, CMM,digital caliper and etc.

5.Machine:lathe, CNC, drilling machine, milling machine, boring machine, planting machine, machining center etc

6.The rigidity of our CNC machines ensures we can produce a vast array of precision-engineered components and 

features to a tolerance band of +/-2 microns (+/-0.002mm). Our CNC technology allows us to hold these tolerance bands on components up to a maximum length of 600mm